Iowa RBA: 2-3-17

Xanthus Hummingbird,©Sophie Webb

Iowa RBA birds reported from Saturday, January 28, through Friday, February
3, 2017:

-RARE Species Mentioned (documentation required)


-Additional Species Mentioned

Long-tailed Duck

Thayers Gull

Thayers/Iceland Gull

Snowy Owl

Townsends Solitaire

White-winged Crossbill

For more up to date information on rarities in the state of Iowa, visit the
Iowa Birds and Birding website at

Species in ALL CAPS can be classified into three categories in the state of
Iowa: 1) UNRECORDED, ACCIDENTAL or Casual; 2) A RARE but regular species;
or 3) record early or late date or unusual for time of year. Any species
with three asterisks (***species***) would represent a first record for
Iowa (UNRECORDED) and should be observed and documented very carefully.
Species with two asterisks (**species**) are species that are either
ACCIDENTAL, CASUAL, or a rare regular species, and should also be
documented. Species with one asterisk (*species) should have some details
of the observation provided.



A SNOWY OWL was seen north of Saratoga this morning, on 60th st between
Holly and Iris Avenue on the 1st.



A THAYERS GULL and a THAYERS/ICELAND GULL were seen at the Iowa River power
dam on the 28th.


A THAYERS GULL and a THAYERS/KUMLIENS type gull were seen at Cedar Lake on
the 29th.



*A LONG-TAILED DUCK was seen at Swan Lake SP on the 1st.*



*A TOWNSENDS SOLITAIRE was seen along 470th St at Waterman Prairie on the
31st. Possibly 3 were there on the 1st.*

*3 WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS were seen flying over the East Lawn Cemetery in
Sheldon on the 31st.*



The next scheduled report of the Iowa Rare Bird Alert will be for Friday,
February 10, 2017 for the weekly report. Should any UNRECORDED or
ACCIDENTAL species be reported, an update will be posted.

John Bissell

Grimes, Iowa 


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