RBA Buffalo Bird Report 05 Jan 2017

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* New York
* Buffalo
* 01/05/2017
* NYBU1701.05
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  Harlequin Duck
  Black Vulture
  Little Gull
  Black-headed Gull
  Thayer's Gull
  Iceland Gull
  L. Black-b. Gull
  Glaucous Gull
  Northern Mockingbird
  Fox Sparrow

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  Hotline: Buffalo Bird Report at the Buffalo Museum of Science
  Date:             01/05/2017
  Number:           716-896-1271
  To Report:        Same
  Compiler:         David F. Suggs
  Coverage:         Western New York and adjacent Ontario
  Website:          www.BuffaloOrnithologicalSociety.org

  Thursday, January 5, 2017

  The Buffalo Bird Report is a service provided by
  your Buffalo Museum of Science and the Buffalo
  Ornithological Society. To contact the Science
  Museum, call 896-5200. Press the pound key to report
  sightings before the end of this report.

  Highlights of reports received December 30 through
  January 5 from the Niagara Frontier Region.

  January 1, a rare gem on the Niagara River, an adult
  SLATY-BACKED GULL at Goat Island, in Niagara Falls,
  New York. The gull was upstream of the Three Sisters
  Islands. January 2, the SLATY-BACKED GULL was
  reported at the Ontario water control gates, across
  the Niagara Falls rapids from Goat Island.

  The SLATY-BACKED GULL was one of 11 gull species on
  the Niagara River this week. An adult BLACK-HEADED
  GULL continues at the lower river whirlpool. Other
  gulls of note on the Niagara - LITTLE GULL, THAYER'S

  Also at Niagara Falls, up to five HARLEQUIN DUCKS,
  including four adult males. The HARLEQUINS move
  around in the rapids, and have been seen from Goat
  Island and the Ontario Hydro Building.

  Other reports this week - BLACK VULTURES on the
  lower river at Lewiston. And, FOX SPARROW and four
  NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRDS at Tifft Nature Preserve in

  The next BOS meeting will be on Wednesday, January
  11, at 7 PM, at the Buffalo Museum of Science. The
  program will be the popular Rarities Roundup, a
  presentation on the rare species found in the region
  during 2016. Visitors are always welcome at BOS

  The Bird Report will be updated Thursday evening,
  January 12. Please call in your sightings by noon
  Thursday. You may report sightings after the tone.
  Thank you for calling and reporting.

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