Los Angeles RBA- 23 December 2016

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* California

* Los Angeles RBA

* December 23 2016

* CALA1612.23

-Birds mentioned

Snow Goose
Tundra Swan
Eurasian Wigeon
Long-tailed Duck
Burrowing Owl
Long-eared Owl
Short-eared Owl
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Hammond=92s Flycatcher
Pacific-slope Flycatcher
Eastern Phoebe
Vermilion Flycatcher
Dusky-capped Flycatcher
Ash-throated Flycatcher
Tropical Kingbird
Pacific Wren
Gray Catbird
Black-and-white Warbler
Blackburnian Warbler
Pine Warbler
Green-tailed Towhee
=93Red=94 Fox Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Hooded Oriole

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This is the Los Angeles Rare Bird Alert for December 23.

A SNOW GOOSE was at Lincoln Park in Alhambra on December 17.  Another flew =
over the Ballona Creek mouth on December 19.

Continuing at the Piute Ponds on Edwards AFB property through December 17 w=
as a TUNDRA SWAN (letter of permission required for entry).

A EURASIAN WIGEON was at the pond along the entrance road to King Gillette =
Ranch near Calabasas on December 18.

The BURROWING OWL at Esperanza Elementary School in the Westlake area of Lo=
s Angeles continued through December 22.

A LONG-EARED OWL was along the LA River adjacent to Lake Balboa in the San =
Fernando Valley on December 17.

At Big Piute (Piute Ponds, Edwards AFB), a SHORT-EARED OWL was seen on Dece=
mber 19.

The YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER continued at the Village Green Condominiums in=
 Los Angeles through December 20.  It was last seen by the northwest corner=
 of the property near Rodeo Road and Hauser Blvd.

HAMMOND=92S FLYCATCHERS included a continuing bird in the northeast part of=
 Valley Plaza Park in North Hollywood and one in the Subtropical Garden at =
the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, both on December 17.

The EASTERN PHOEBE at Madrona Marsh in Torrance continued through December =
18.  It has been around the large cottonwood by the Chevron corner of the m=
arsh (the area opposite the Chevron gas station at the corner of Sepulveda =
and Madrona).  An ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER continues as well.  The BLACK-AND=
-WHITE WARBLER at Madrona continued through December 17 also by the large c=
ottonwood at the southwest corner of the preserve.  Preserve hours are 10-5=
 Tuesday through Sunday.

The EASTERN PHOEBE at Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas continued through =
December 21 on the north side of the park by Group Picnic Area #4.

A VERMILION FLYCATCHER continues at Columbia Park in Torrance in the northw=
est corner of the Community Garden.  It was seen through December 21.

The DUSKY-CAPPED FLYCATCHER at Creek Park in La Mirada was reported through=
 December 18.  Check the eucalyptus grove north of Imperial Highway and Las=

The TROPICAL KINGBIRD at the Earvin Magic Johnson Recreation Area in Willow=
brook was reported through December 19 near the intersection of Wadsworth A=
ve. and 126th Street.

A PACIFIC WREN was found in Monrovia Canyon by trail marker number 8 on Dec=
ember 17 and was seen again the following day.

The West San Gabriel Parkway Nature Trail in Lakewood had a continuing GRAY=
 CATBIRD at the north end around Monte Verde Park through December 17 as we=
ll as a continuing GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE (farther south along the nature trai=
l).  A PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER also continued here through December 17.

A BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER continued at El Segundo Library Park through Dece=
mber 19.  It was seen between and library and bandstand and in the southeas=
t corner of the property.

Hansen Dam had a BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER from December 17-19 in willows just e=
ast of the main lake.  Directions are as follows.  Walk the main dirt road =
east along the main lake (reached by walking south past the ball fields at =
the Soccer Complex/Sports Center off Foothill Blvd.) until you get to the b=
road north-south dirt road near the Little Tujunga Creek wash. Go right (so=
uth) a couple of hundred yards until you reach the main creek. On your righ=
t is a fairly obvious bridle trail leading west toward the lake and roughly=
 paralleling Big Tujunga Creek.  Take that trail, and after about 80 yards =
it will widen into a broad sandy area.  Continue west through that area alm=
ost to the west end of it, and then take the smaller trail on the left (clo=
ser to the creek) where there is an isolated small stand of tall Arundo (gi=
ant reed). Shortly down that trail you'll come to a single young, low palm =
tree. The Blackburnian was in the tall willows around that palm.  In the sa=
me area as the Blackburnian Warbler, a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER was seen on=
 December 20.

A PINE WARBLER was at Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale from December 17-18.  It wa=
s between parking lot 2 and the pier.

A =93RED=94 FOX SPARROW was at Hahamongna Watershed Park in Pasadena on Dec=
ember 17 in the area north of Johnson field (on the east side of the basin)=

WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS were at Legg Lake in South El Monte, in Zuma Canyon=
 and at the Wilmington Drain in Harbor City north of PCH (2 birds) this pas=
t week.

HOODED ORIOLES were along the Tujunga Wash in Valley Glen (between Oxnard S=
t. and Burbank Blvd.) on December 18 and continuing in La Verne through Dec=
ember 21.  Two HOODED ORIOLES were at the north end of the desert garden at=
 the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino on December 17.

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Jon L Fisher
Glendale, CA


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